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The Belko Experiment – Movie Review

As the nights are drawing in there’s no better way to pass the time than watching a movie, curled up on the sofa, with a cosy blanket, popcorn and your favourite refreshments. As Halloween approaches and the season of the horror movie is in full swing. I wanted to share my thoughts on The Belko Experiment.

When it comes to scary films I’m a wuss. I’ll opt for scream over nightmare on elm street anyway (Freddie Kruger scares the crap out of me).

Disclaimer – May Contain Spoilers.

The Cast

John Gallagher Jnr – Mike Milch

Tony Goldwyn – Barry Norris

Adria Arjona – Leandra Florenz

John C McGinley – Wendell Dukes.

Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn also appear in the movie.

Written by James Gunn.

Directed by Greg McLean

The Plot

In a twisted social experiment 80 Americans are locked inside the office block they work in, in Bogotá, Columbia. Ordered by a disembodied voice over the buildings intercom system to kill 20 of their fellow co-workers within an hour. They are given a warning not to fail or people will die at random. As the time lapses the occupants of the office block are confused and scared. Some thinking that it is a cruel joke others are suspicious about the fact that there are no locals inside the building and that there were armed guards

The hour time frame elapses, 4 people are killed at random by the experimenter because occupants failed the first task. Shit gets real right here. People see that it is not a joke and quiet rightly so panic sets in. With tensions beginning to build they are told from the voice that they must kill 30 people within 2 hours or 60 will be killed.

Arguments break out as the coworkers try to decide what to do. In one particular encounter someone is killed accidentally then it all starts to get a little bloody. People start turning on each other. When the time limit lapses again 29 members of staff have been killed, they failed the task which means another 31 people are killed by the experimenters.

The final challenge that is set by the voice is whoever has the most kills at the end of the next hour will be released. This is where it gets a little more gruesome with friends turning on each other until there is only one left.

My Verdict.

I was drawn to The Belko Experiment as it was written and produced by Guardians Of The Galaxy writer/director James Gunn who is in my eyes a genius. His writing has your rooting for the little guy and loathing Wendell Dukes (McGinley) and Barry Norris (Goldwyn) when they meet their maker I was more than happy about that even if it was a little goresome.

Parts were a little predictable in that from early on I figured out the Mike (Gallagher Jnr) was going to be the survivor, however I didn’t expect what he would do to the experimenters.

There is a romantic element running in the background between Mike (Gallagher Jnr) and Leandra (Arjona) but as you may guess since there is only one survivor it ends it tragedy.

If I was asked to describe the movie I would say think Battle Royale meets horrible bosses but without the funny. I honestly love this movie. It’s not too gory, ok there are a few bits where I had to look away, that wouldn’t stop me from watching it again though. I might go as far to say that it could be a contender for my top Halloween/Scary Movies.

Have you seen The Belko Experiment? What are your thoughts on the movie?

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