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Bedtime With Alex

A month or so ago, David & I decided that the time had come to convert Alex’s cot into his toddler bed, he kept trying to climb out of the cot. So for his safety and our sanity we figured then was the perfect time to move to the big boy bed.
Alex’s cotbed

It is probably best to give a little back story about kiddo bedtime in the Ogston household. Simply put it has never been as straightforward as one would wish for. We pretty much became the masters of how not to put your child to bed. Every bed time fail possible we’ve done it. Letting him fall asleep in our arms, bringing him into our bed during the night instead of encouraging self soothing. Having to stay in the room beside him until he slowly drifts to sleepsville.

David in DIY Prison

Bedtime is normally daddy’s job, because he’s been working all day this gives them some quality time together. If it’s bath night alex will get showered (because we don’t have a bath and he’s too big for the sink). Once he’s dried and in his pyjamas they play together either in Alex’s room or they watch some paw patrol before alex gets some milk before bedtime (he still has it in a bottle but we will be ditching that soon). David will usually read a couple of stories the current favourites are Room On The Broom and Peace At Last. The giggles I hear when David does the voices is best sound! Once he’s been read to, the light is switch off and the night light goes on and then wait is on for him to go to sleep.

With the previous issues of us having to be in the room as Alex went to asleep, we expected that there was going to be some challenges of him trying to get out of bed and play with his toys

Alex’s toddler bed look so big

The first night in his new bed took about an hour possibly slightly longer for him to fall asleep, he kept trying to climb out and play with his toys, but when he finally went to sleep he slept the whole night in his bed. Yay we thought victory is ours. Rookie mistake. For the rest of the first week alex kept trying to climb out of his bed which he still does but it is taking less time for him to fall asleep. At first I think he thought that it was a game to try and get out but he has come to realise that daddy isn’t playing when he tells him no.

One thing that we have noticed though is that when alex wakes up whether in the night or in the morning he won’t get out of bed. Not sure if that’s to do with him being told not to climb out at bedtime or he’s too sleepy to make get passed the baby rail we put on to stop falling out.

Have you moved your toddler into their big bed yet? How did the transition go?

I would love to hear your stories.

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Nicola xo

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