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Beauty And The Beast Review 

When it comes to live action adaptions of well-loved Disney classics. I am a little dubious. In my mind they can never capture the same essence of the cartoon.  And until now I have avoided the live action versions, but after seeing the trailer for Beauty And The Beast I was intrigued to finding out what it was going to be like.

Before I get fully into the review. My expectations for this is high, the original animated version is in my Top 5 of Disney movies.

As a whole I really enjoyed this movie, in fact I would go as far as to say that it was superb, and that’s not something I would say lightly.  Everything from the costumes, set design, even the singing was incredible. I laughed, I almost cried and I smiled my way through this movie. Singing along to the songs I know by heart.

One thing that never crossed my mind watching the original cartoon version is Belles mother, it never occurred to me to wonder what happened to her. That question is answered in this version. We also find out that Gaston had been in a war and we find out a little more about the prince before he became the beast.

beast_belle_emma_watson-wide.jpgNow lets talk about the cast, Emma Watson is the perfect choice for Belle, she makes it her own and wow can she sing.  The Beast played by Dan Stevens is slightly more, I don’t want to say relatable but he is clearly well read and educated unlike The Beast from the original animation.  One thing that I would have loved is if Angela Lansbury returned to reprise the role as Mrs Potts, but Emma Thompson is a fantastic substitute.  I read somewhere that Ewan McGregor struggled with his French accent, but Lumière’s accent was always a little bit over the top in the cartoon version & I feel that Ewan portrayal is just as over the top as Jerry Orbach’s was.

Sufficed to say that Beauty And The Beast is going to become part of my movie collection when it comes out.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think of it?


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