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Self Care Routine (Autumn Edition)

Modern day life can be so fast paced that many forget to stop and take a moment to themselves. Many people choosing to focus energy on loved ones rather than themselves Which in turn leads to feelings of being worn out and sometimes indifferent to what is happening around them. There are a number of simple self care tasks that can be added to daily life to create a self care routine which can help mentally and physically.

What Is Self Care & Why Is It Important?

Self care is as straight forward as it sounds. It is making time for yourself to do something that makes you feel good about you. It’s important because it benefits both mind and body. It can help you relax from the stresses of modern day life and recharge you batteries. Improving your relationship with yourself but with your loved ones.

What is self care and why is it important

25 Self Care Ideas

Trying to figure out ideas for what I can do as part of a self routine is hard. I personally need help coming with ideas. Google and Pinterest are great resources for this. Some of which sound great but aren’t always feasible especially living with a chronic illness. I’ve created a list of 25 ideas that I think would be perfect for someone living with chronic illness the majority of them can be down from bed, with a few being for the days where energy levels are a little higher.

I’ve created a list of 25 ideas that I think would be perfect for someone living with chronic illness the majority of them can be down from bed, with a few being for the days where energy levels are a little higher.

1. Unplug from social media

2. Take a hot bath/shower

3. Change into cosy PJs’

4. Pamper yourself ie get your nails done, do a face mask.

5. Watch your favourite film or tv show.

6. Listen to music and dance like no-one is watching

7. Journal

8. Meditation ie calm, headspace.

9. Do something artistic.

10. Take a nap.

11. Get outside, go for a walk or sit in the garden.

12. Eat something tasty

13. Pet an animal.

14. Cuddle someone you love.

15. Spend time with your family.

16. Catch up with friends.

17. Light at scented candle

18. Read

19. Enjoy some quiet time

20. Go on a date with yourself.

21. Laugh

22. Yoga

23. Celebrate your wins

24. Listen to a podcast

25. Avoid the news.

My Autumn Self Care Routine

Living with a chronic illness, means that my energy levels can be so low that I am unable to shower unaided, get outside or get out of bed to do yoga.


At least once per week I hope to have a night off my phone or tablet. Like many people I am constantly on some sort of electronic device. Being chronically ill, social media is my link to the outside world, however constantly scrolling can leave me feeling inadequate which is not great for my mental health.

Movie Night

On the nights where I’ve unplugged I plan to curl up with a cosy blanket, cup of tea and some sweet treats to watch something that I know will make me laugh or feel good about myself. I usually choose something that I’ve seen a million times as I don’t need to focus my full attention on the movie or show, letting me take my glasses off and snooze if I feel like it.

Pamper Time

Who doesn’t love being pampered?  Face masks can be so relaxing!Sheet masks are my favourite kind of masks to use. They are easy to put on and there is no need to wash it off after the time is up, which is great for the days where I am bed-bound.

Shower, Fresh Bedding & Clean Pyjamas

Chronic illness zaps my energy levels from me, there are times when I am unable to shower as I want to conserve energy for other activities. When I am able to there is no better feeling that a warm shower, well maybe a warm bubble bath but since we don’t have a bath a hot shower will have to do. Adding clean cosy pjs and lovely clean bed sheets makes for the perfect relaxing bedtime self care activity.


For me writing can be therapeutic. Keeping a journal for writing down some of the thoughts that are going on in my head is a great release. It helps to stop my brain from working overdrive, when I’m trying to relax or sleep. One thing I’ve been doing is writing a line or two daily of something that I am grateful for that day. Even if it something as small as being able to get outside or speak to a friend.


Taking a few minutes out of the day is a great way to help an overactive mind find some quiet. There lots of apps available to help with meditation and guided meditation. I’ve tried a view different apps including Calm and Headspace. I like that they have quick 5 minute sessions as well as sessions that can help you fall asleep. As someone who likes listening to music or audiobooks as she falls asleep these are great alternatives.

Have Your Say

What is your self care routine? I’d love for you to share it in the comments below.

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