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Autumn Self Care Routine – Blogtober 2018 – Day 9

Whether you’re a stay at home parent, working parent, student, working full time, part time or are unable to work, taking care of yourself is important, and something that many might neglect.  I know I do. Autumn and winter is it even more important that we take care of ourselves. The changes in weather and dark nights can be draining mentally and physically. Today for day 9 of Blogtober is my autumn self care routine.

This autumn I’ve decided to put into a place a self care routine that is going to help me mentally and physically.  Baring in mind I’ve tried to implement something like this before, but never really committed to it, this time I am sharing with the world as a promise to myself that I will keep up it.  

My autumn self care routine 

I’m planning to have a one night per week where I plan on some me time.  

Night off social media

I am a self confessed social media addict.  My phone is never far from my side, I’m always checking my notifications or getting lost scrolling through my feeds.  I am aiming to have a least one night a week social media free. I’ll be turning off my notifications and enjoying some offline time.  

Hot Shower then fresh cosy pj’s.

Ideally this would be a long soak in a bubble bath, but we only have a shower.   There is nothing better than a fresh set of clean jammies, well clean jammies and a freshly made bed.  That is bliss.

Mask Time

Who doesn’t love being pampered?  Hair and face masks can be so relaxing and gives me some time to contemplate my day or thing of nothing at all.  I’m not the best at looking after my skin, which is something that I want to improve now that I’m nearly 40.  Depending on how I am feeling I’ll do both a hair and face mask, or just one.  

Watch One Of My Favourite Movies or Shows

Switching off and watching a much loved movie or show.  Is a great way to look after yourself.  Curling up under the duvet or blanket, watching something I’ve seen a million times is great for unplugging and taking my focus away from the mundane day to day life.  

I tend to focus on a weekly self care routine, designating one night a week.  However there are little daily activities that I want to do to improve my self care routine and calm my constantly racing mind.  


I’ve recently started Bullet Journalling, but I don’t really use it for writing my thoughts and feelings.  I do however want to start doing that. My mind is always going and it gets a little chaotic. Having a release will hopefully make my thoughts a little calmer, and I can also keep a track of my pain and fatigue as well.


Taking a few minutes out of the day to mediate is something that I am aiming to do more often.  I’ve downloaded Calm, which has several different goals to work towards such as reducing anxiety, develop gratitude and learn to meditate.  There is a section of the app that is bedtime stories.  I like listening to audiobooks as I fall asleep and I cannot wait to try out this way of falling asleep. 

What is part of your self care routine? I’d love to read about it in the comments.  

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