Autumn Is My Favourite Season Because….. – Blogtober 2018 – Day 8

Of the four seasons, autumn is by far my favourite. For a number of reasons which is what today’s Blogtober post is about. I’m going to tell you why autumn is my favourite from a chronic illness standpoint, as well as my love for the seasons aesthetics.

Autumn leaves photo from Pixabay

As A Spoonie

I personally with my fibromyalgia, find it easier to cope with the colder weather than I do with the warmer weather. If I’m too cold I can add an extra layer of clothing, but when I’m too hot, I am slightly more limited to what I can do to cool down.  Both the warm and cold affects my body differently.  if its really cold my pain levels increase, my feet feel numb and the pain is excruciating.  On the other hand though, warm has a similar affect, not necessarily increasing my pain levels, but it has made my fatigue worse.  

The Way It Looks

As the leaves begin to change colour and fall to the ground I get a little excited for the start of autumn, the changing colours, slight chill in the air and that fresh frosty morning smell.  

Stock image from Pixabay

Shops are selling cardigans and jumpers, chunky boots, woolly scarves and cosy socks.  Candles are being bought and burned.  

The nights are getting darker earlier, which makes my soul happy.  I feel less guilty going to bed early when it’s dark.

What is your favourite season and why? I’d love to here all about it in the comments.

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