Annabel Karmel – Real Food Kids Will Love – Cookbook Review

If your kids are anything like mine trying to get them to eat anything that’s not chips and chicken nuggets is a constant battle. Our meal repertoire isn’t that big. It’s not that alex is super fussy he just doesn’t like trying out new things, if the texture of colour of food is wrong he will not touch it. How many kids do you know that don’t like cake or ice cream? Our boy refused to even try them.

Disclaimer – I was sent a copy of this book in return for an honest and fair review shared across social media. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own

Last week children’s nutritionist Annabel Karmel released a brand new cookbook Real Food Kids Will Love. I was lucky enough to revive a copy of the book for review, as soon as the postie delivered the book I was flicking through the 100 plus recipes trying to find the ones that I wanted to test on David and Alex. I knew from owning a few of Annabel’s other books that the recipes were generally straight forward and you don’t need to be a Michelin starred chef to be able to create good wholesome food for the whole family.  There are parts where the recipes are a little detailed and longer than step 1 open tin of beans, step 2 heat beans, step 3 serve beans. I am however always willing to try new recipes if I means I can get sneak veg into the dirty of the men in my life.

With almost 20 years of experience writing cook books specifically for children Annabel knows that mums don’t have oodles of time or energy to prepare meals that are nutritional for growing bodies but also meets they’re sometimes picky standards.

The recipes are split into seven categories which are family favourites, meat free and vegan, 15 minute meals, healthy ‘fast’ food, lunchtime and play date, desserts and sweets and finally holiday cooking with kids. Each category has a good selection to choose from. When I was looking through the book a went a little overboard with the post it’s to mark the ones I want to try.  

The introduction of the book is full of useful tips on getting little ones involved with cooking and portion sizes. Speaking from my own experience I forget how small Alex really is and how much food he really needs to eat. We don’t always pile his food up but we have been known to maybe make his portions a little too big, readinv that section was very helpful.  Now we know he doesn’t need huge adult size portions. I actually feel that restaurants need to look at this, when we’ve ordered from the kids menu before it’s been massive platefuls of food that can intimidate me, I can only imagine how little ones feel about it.

At the back of the book there is a handy little reward tracker that I will absolutely be using with Alex. He isn’t the best at eating fruit and veg, I feel that a reward tracker will encourage him especially if I tell him he’ll get a new toy or surprise at the end of the month.

Overall I would recommend Real Food Kids Will Love to anyone who is looking for new ideas for meal times, as well as to get kids involved in cooking.  The cookbook is available on hardback as well as an ebook both are on sale now  

Have you tried any of Annabel’s books or recipes, what was your kids favourite dish?

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