Hello and welcome to nicolajogston.com. I created this site to share, interact and hopefully inspire others with stories of living with disability & chronic illness, parenting and generally chit chat.

You’re possibly thinking at this point So who is Nicola?

I’m a mother to an amazing little boy Alex, he’s so full or energy with a smile that’s probably going to melt many hearts. It’s amazing seeing him develop into his own person with a character that matches his smile.

I am a spoonie thanks to a variety of illness including fibromyalgia, chronic costochondritis and chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety.

I was born visually impaired and try not to let it stop me growing up but after a case of acute angle closure glaucoma my vision for a little worse, combined with that and the onset of my chronic illnesses I had no option but to give up employment as it was becoming increasingly hard to carry out my job.

After a few years of being home all day long I decided to try my hand at blogging. Growing up I had aspirations of becoming a journalist and novelist. My blogging style and name has changed over the years. Finally I settled on my own name for my site.