Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m Nicola a 40 something married mum of one living in Falkirk, Central Scotland.

Being born with a disability, I tried not to let it stop me from achieving my goals, and it didn’t to an extent. I was working as an admin assistant. However, after a traumatic experience with my eyesight and the onset of fibromyalgia due to that trauma, the struggles of daily life in constant pain I made the toughest decision to give up work,

From the beginning of my life with chronic illness I have been determined to speak about my illness and my disability, not to garner sympathy from others. But to raise awareness of invisible illness and living in constant pain. I want to be the voice for others who feel that they can’t speak up openly about their lives with chronic illness and disability.

Becoming a parent in 2015 shone the spotlight not only on how challenging it is to be a new parent, but also highlighted the extra challenges being a parent with disability and chronic illness face.

It is my hope that every person whether they are a parent or not who has a disability or chronic illness will feel a sense of community, support and understanding from the posts I share, And know that they are not going through this alone and that they are doing the best they can.

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