About Me

Hello and welcome to nicolajogston.com.  Let me take a moment of your time to introduce myself.  I’m Nicola a 40 something married mum of one.  Not only am I navigating the ever-changing road of parenthood, but I’m also trying to traverse the path of life with disability and chronic illness.   

This blog was created in the hope that every person who visits my little corner of the internet will feel a sense of community, support, and understanding from the posts I share,  And leave knowing that they are not going through their journey of life, parenting, or chronic illness alone and that they are doing the best they can!!  

I want to be the voice for others who feel that they can’t speak up openly about their lives with chronic illness and disability.

I hope you enjoy your visit and would love for you to come back again soon. 

Nicola xx

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