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2019 A New Year, New Adventures and Challenges Lie Ahead

We are only a few days into the new year! My brain still thinks its 2018 not 19. When my brain eventually catches up with the rest of the world. it will realise that we have a whole new year of adventures and challenges are ahead of us.

When I was looking towards the new year and the new goals I wanted to set for myself. I never expected to be spending it in the midst of a really bad pain flare. I knew my new year would be starting with my dancing the night away, taking shots with pals but I’d hoped that I would be able to stay up for the bells and have a nice New Year’s Day dinner with family. Sadly that plan was foiled. I’ve been bed ridden for several days, which has allowed me to think of what I truly hope to achieve in this new year.

it’s all in the name.

I’d fallen into a creative rut at the end of last year. Alex had started nursery, we were both trying to get used to a new daily routine. I was exhausted.

Writing and come up with ideas was the furthest thing on my mind. I was trying to get through the week, then when the weekend came all I wanted to do was play candy crush, rest and sleep. Any idea that I thought of was written down for a later date. Which never

One decision I was able to make was to give the blog a little face lift. Nothing drastic, a little name change, I dropped the tagline of parenting, disability and lifestyle for something that I hope will help others who are in a similar parenting situation to me, parents who are doing the best that they can do in constant pain, not only physical but mental pain. I want them to know that they are not alone and doing an amazing job. Thats where Parenting In Pain, was born.

Parenting In Pain

From my own experience of parenting in pain it feels like the loneliest place on the planet. Sure having a good support system is incredible, but not everyone has an amazing partner who tries their hardest to understand what it is like dealing with pain that can be unbearable.

Although I plan to continue to write about what I feel passionate about, I want to write more about how I cope with chronic pain whilst trying to be the best parent that I can be. I’ll be sharing my triumphs as well as my lows.

If anyone is interested in sharing their stories of parenting in pain please get in touch I would love to share them with my reads.

Let the adventures begin!

image shows a reconstruction of a Diplodocus inside a museum. Dippy the dinosaur

One of the biggest goals I’ve set this year, is to get out and do more as a family unit. Previously I’ve worried about the consequences of going to the zoo or the park, I can’t continue like that!!! We are planning on going to see Dippy the Diplodocus at the Kelvingrove in Glasgow. I’ve wanted to see it for so long and I think Alex will really love it too. We also want to go to Camera Obscura in Edinburgh and lots more fun museums and family friendly activities.

And the rest

In 2018 I set myself some targets for my social media accounts, I reached 1 out of the 4 or 5 I set which I’m pleased with. I realised that I set some of my sights a little too high. This year I do want to grow my social media following in particular my Facebook page and twitter but I’m not going to fixate on the number of followers I have I want to interact more through those platforms, if I get new followers then that will be a bonus.

As far as personal goals go I haven’t set any to be honest. I know that we want to majorly declutter the flat, get my general health. in a better place but most of all we want to make fun family filled memories.

I would love to hear everyones goals for 2019. Let me know in the comments below.

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