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Happy new year to one and all! It feels like only yesterday we were embarking on the adventure that was 2017. What a year that. I for one am glad that Year is over and can’t wait for a brand new beginning full of great possibilities and countless opportunities to make memories.

For many a new year means resolutions are being thrown around with the greatest of intentions that they will fulfil them and become a better person. I personally don’t believe in resolutions, they are usually broken within a few weeks because they are often unrealistic. So for me, I’m setting myself some goals, goals that I believe that I should be able to achieve. Goals for myself and goals for As well we my goals I’m going to share with you my plans for 2018. (This might be a long one, maybe best to pour yourself a drink first lol)

2018 Personal Plans & Goals

Personal Plans

2018 is shaping up to be a busy year socially. I am excited to get out and have fun and I’m hoping that my illnesses won’t be affected by the plans I’ve already set up and ones that I might still make.

Erasure – 3rd February. This will be my second time in total and within a year of seeing Erasure. The first gig I went to was eventful with the building being evacuated due to an electrical fire, we got back in after about half an hour and I can safely say it was one of the best gigs I’d been to

Thirty Seconds To Mars – 25th March. This is the event that I am most excited for Thirty Seconds To Mars are my favourite band. I’ve only been able to see them live once, we were meant to go to Aberdeen one year to see them but the roads were really bad with snow and David didn’t want to risk driving up. I’m excited and nervous for this gig though. It’s in a big arena and if yoy didn’t know already I’m not comfortable in crowds. Thankfully I was able to get accessibility seating so hopefully all will be ok.

Bianca Del Rio – Dragrace Alumni Bianca is playing in Edinburgh, as soon as I saw she had a show I jumped right in and booked tickets. I’m going to this with my mum as I didn’t think Bianca would be David’s cup of tea. She is so funny, I just hope she doesn’t pick on us as we are on the second row and she is an insult comic so you never know.

Family wedding – August. Who doesn’t love a wedding to look forward to.

The ladyboys of Bangkok – August. Our annual trip to see the ladyboys will be sometime in August. I can’t wait to go as it is always a good night.

My 40th Birthday – November. As my 40th birthday approaches I have a mixture of emotions going on. On one hand I know that age is only a number, but on the other I’m dreading it.

Personal Goals

The goals that in setting for myself are ones that I believe are achievable, they are similar to the ones I set myself last year but I’m not going to be as hard on myself if I’m not able to achieve them.

Read More

It’s pretty self explanatory. I’m hoping to up my reading. I’ve made this goal in the past but rather than aim for lots and lots of books I’m hoping that I can reach at least 10 books in 2018, I’m a bit of a slow reader and don’t make time to read, that is why I haven’t gone for a higher number. If I manage the 10 or even make it to 12 I’ll be very happy.


I’ve never spoken about our home much, we live in a 2 bedroom 4 in a block flat which you can imagine is small. With Christmas and birthdays alex has a lot of stuff and with us living in such a small space. My plan is to go through each of our wardrobes and donate clothes that we don’t wear or are too big/small. I want to go through Alex’s toys periodically and get rid of the ones he no longer uses. Ideally I would store them but our storage space is slim to none.

Save For A Rainy Day

Money is tight in the Ogston household, we only have one income coming in. Which means we can’t be as extravagant as either of us would like. Neither of us have any saving for the future and it’s about time that we take our future finances more seriously. But also I want to be able to take Alex on holiday to Disney land Paris at some point, so 2018 is the year of the savings.

Give Up Fizzy Drinks

If you cut me my blood would be orange from the amount of Irn Bru that I drink. It’s the most delicious soft drink on the planet but like many fizzy drinks it is full of sugar and ultimately bad for you. And with that in mind and my impending 40th birthday, it’s time that I start taking proper care of myself and if that means giving up Irn Bru then I’ll give it up. It’s not going to be easy though and I will be tempted to have it but if I wean myself (it sounds like a drug) off it then hopefully I won’t miss it that much

Drink More Water

Moving on from stopping the fizzy drinks I want to drink more water. We all know it’s good for us and we all know that we should drink more of it. Hopefully this year I can get into the routine of drinking 2 litres a day, if I have to set reminders on my phone until it’s part of my daily routine then so be it.

Me Time

I’ve tried before to take time to myself once a week for self care and pampering but it always falls by the wayside. This year however I am going to make sure I keep at it. I’m going to set myself a proper skincare routine and set aside at least one night a week for me to pamper myself with face masks, hair masks and unplugging from social media and blogging.

2018 Blog Plans and Goals

Blog Plans

I want to attend Curve fashion fest next year and meet some of my favourite plus size bloggers such as Leah, Becky and many many more. I’ve always loved fashion and before starting this blog I had another one about fashion (it tanked!) but through that I found so many lovely plus size fashion bloggers a few of whom I consider friends.


I have a few posts already in the works, so please stay tuned for those. In 2017 I aimed to post twice a week, which let’s face it didn’t happen that often. This year however I have setup a new writing area in my home and will be focusing on writing more. I’m hoping to schedule more posts in advance. My posting days will be Monday and Thursday, however if I feel the urge or inspiration to post more, I’m not going to restrict myself to those two days

Collabs & Guest Posts

I wrote a few guest posts in 2017 and would love to write more this year, as well as have other bloggers post on my site.

Collaborations are something that I’ve been interested in doing for a while now, I need to rack my brain for ideas and hopefully find the perfect match to write with me.

Blog Goals

in 2017 I began to realise that in order to reach a greater audience to read my posts, I had to interact more with my social media following. I took part in twitter chats, joined Facebook blog groups and used hashtags on Instagram to let people see my posts. I commented on others posts on twitter and Instagram and managed to increase my following, in 2018 I hope to increase it further and get a larger reach. I like the interacting


Twitter is one of my favourite social media platforms it allows me to interact with. Which is great when your stuck at home with only your toddler to talk to. I’ve made a some friends through twitter. At the moment I have around 450 followers which I am I am really thankful for. I would like to reach a thousand followers.


I’ve neglected my Facebook page a little, I need to figure out the best way to use my page. I’ve got about 50 likes. My aim for 2018 is to get up to 200 likes.


Along with twitter, Instagram is my favourite social media platform. I’m addicted to watching instastories. What I want to achieve is share more on my own instastories, continue to like and comment of photos that I like and increase my following. I have about 200 followers at that moment and by the end of the year I’d love to reach 500 followers.

These are reachable goals right? If you have any suggestions on how I can achieve them please let me know.

Have you set yourself goals for 2018 I’d love to hear them and any exciting plans you’ve got coming in the new year.

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  1. Good luck with your goals. I have some similar ones – declutter, drink more water. I like the fact that you’ve included specific events you have in your diary too. I need to do this!
    I look forward to seeing how you get on throughout the year 😃

    1. Thanks honey. Sharing the events makes me even more excited about them. I look forward to seeing how the year treats you too. I wish you all the luck with your goals x

  2. I should really give up fizzy drinks but I have other demons to tackle first. I need to engage more in getting my blog out there, there is so much more to blogging than just writing

    1. There is. I didn’t realise that until earlier this year. I still don’t think I engage enough but I’m sure we will both get there 😀 xox

  3. Natalie | Surviving life's hurdles says:

    You have some great goals Nicola, I could relate to all of your personal goals, especially trying to declutter, I’m so rubbish at this! I also loved reading your blogging goals and you’ve given me a few ideas for things I should try too! Wishing you all the best for 2018 x

    1. Thank you Natalie. I wish you all the luck for reach your goals too. It’s amazing how much stuff we seem to collect. Xox

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