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12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 7 – Winter Accessorise

When it comes to winter there is nothing better than being indoors all nice and cosy but IF you do have to venture outside the next best thing to stay cosy and warm is to have some fabulous winter accessories. I am a bit of a self confessed scarf addict but most of mine are thin and not the warmest. So I am going to share a few winter accessories that I do have as well as some they I am lusting over online.


I like the idea of wearing hats in the winter but for me they’re not always practical, Mum buns and hats don’t mix well. If do decide to wear one I’ll choose either my Finnister Bowmont fairlise hat. I love the design on this hat but I haven’t figured the best way to wear it yet.

Another hat that I might occasionally reach for is my Craghopper tassel bauble hat. This is fleece lined meaning that it is nice and cosy, perfect for those really cold winter days. Much like the Finisterre hat this has a fairisle inspired. design which if you haven’t guessed I love.


As I mentioned most of my scarves are thin and don’t particularly keep me warm. I have however been looking for thicker scarves online.

This Lipsy Heritage Scarf is right up my street. I love the cable knit and colour. Sadly it’s currently out of stock but I believe it is available in other colours

This long woven scarf from ASOS is great for this time of year. It could double up as a pashmina if your cold indoors. I love the combination of grey and bright pink.

Other Winter Accessories

Winter accessories for me aren’t just hats and scarves. It’s costs, jackets, shoes and boots.


I love boots for the winter. Usually I’ll go for a biker boot style. They have good grip and can be warm if they are paired with thick socks. I bought a pair of boots from M&S a while ago, they are so lovely. The tan colour goes with most things. They are warm with the faux fur around the ankle. I’ve managed to mark then already though from the rain I think I’m going to have to weather treat them so they don’t get completely ruined.


In the winter I like a good heavy coat that will go with every outfit. I didn’t buy a new one this year as my last one is still in good condition. I have been looking at other coats though and I love this Joe Browns Ultimate Coat from Simply Be

Have you noticed there is a bit of a colour theme going on here?

What is your favourite winter accessories?

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