Taking A Step Back

it is official, blogtober has broken me.  I tried my hardest to get a post out each and every day (I have managed most of it), life however got in the way.  Towards the end of last week I became disinterested and unfocused.  I wasn’t feel inspired to write.  

Did I set myself up to fall? Probably.  I had a bunch of content prewritten which allowed me to take my mind off it for the first week or so.  When it came to writing the rest of my posts I wasn’t fully happy with the content I was publishing.  Stress levels were increasing, not just from blogtober but from life, which takes a physical toll as well as emotional.  Although I did enjoy taking part in blogtober at the beginning of the month, at the moment I never want to take part in a monthly writing challenge again!

I do have a few posts that I have committed to due out later this week, as well as my new Shining The Light On Chronic Illness & Disabilities series due to start next weekend.  After that however I am not sure when I will return to posting.  I am hopeful that I will only be gone a few weeks and back at the end of November. 

Thank you to everyone who has read, liked and commented on my posts, and for you support.  

N x 

2 thoughts on “Taking A Step Back

  1. You certainly did a fantastic job with Blogtober, well done. Also good for you for making the decision to stop and not carry on for the sake of it x

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