12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 12 – Christmas Memories.

It’s the last day of 12 Days Of Blogmas and today we are talking about Christmas memories. My earliest Christmas memory was when I was about 5. I woke up at one point during the night and thought it was morning, I got up to go into the living room but as soon as I opened my bedroom door, I heard a rattling of a cup on a plate which made me run right back to bed as I thought Santa was still in our home eating his treats with Rudolph. Another memory from when I was about 11 I woke up really early, around 3 in the morning and tried to get my mum she told me to go […]

12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 11 – Holiday Traditions

Hello and welcome to our penultimate day of 12 Days Of blogmas me are talking about holiday traditions Ogston Holiday Traditions A tradition we started a couple of years ago when Alex was born is to buy a new tree ornament each year for him. So that when he is older and has a home and family of his own he will have decorations for his Christmas tree. I’m not sure if this would be considered as a tradition to others but to us it is. When spend Christmas Day with my aunt, Uncle, Papa and my parents and every other year my cousin and his wife is there too. We go to my aunts about lunch time. Open our […]

12 Days Of Blogmas- Day 10 – Wishlist

Is it really day ten of the 12 Days Of Blogmas. It seems to have flown by. Today’s prompt from Britt is Wishlist. I’ve dropped several subtle and not so subtle hinds to David what I’d like for Christmas, some of these are included but I’ll guess I’ll need to wait and see what Santa brings me. I’ve been good. I promise! My Realistic wishlist River island star studded tote. The bag is a little of the pricey at £50, but it’s gorgeous and will get lots of use. It’s not too big or too small, it might not go with any of my jackets or my frumpy mummy style but it’s too beautiful to not be used. Personalised Sparkling […]

12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 9 – Holiday Movies.

As a movie fan today’s prompt of Holiday Movies is right up my street. There’s nothing better at Christmas than putting on your favourite movie whilst wrapping presents or writing cards. My Top Holiday Movies The Muppets Christmas Carol – this is my all time favourite holiday movie. I have seen it so much that I could probably say it word for word. I’m hoping as Alex gets older it will become one of his favourites too. Home Alone – who doesn’t love the original home alone film? It’s full of hijinks that has me giggling like an idiot every time I watch it. The Santa Clause – Tim Allen. Die Hard – Technicallg not an official holiday movie. But […]

12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 8 – Christmas Photos

Are we really on day eight already? Where has DECEMBER gone? Today’s prompt provided by Britt at Alternativelyspeaking is Christmas photos. I’m sharing some photos from last years Christmas Day and a few taken when we visited Santa this year. Alex’s treats for Santa and Rudolph were mince pie and a dram of whisky and a lovely carrot. Alex the rule breaker sitting inside him paw patrol toy car. Nana lovingly holding Alex’s chase toy her got from his Auntie and Uncle. This is where the Star Wars obsession began. He got a BB-8 and Boba Fet cuddly toys last Christmas. Reindeer footprint card alex made at messy play this year. Earlier this month my mum and I took Alex […]

12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 7 – Winter Accessorise

When it comes to winter there is nothing better than being indoors all nice and cosy but IF you do have to venture outside the next best thing to stay cosy and warm is to have some fabulous winter accessories. I am a bit of a self confessed scarf addict but most of mine are thin and not the warmest. So I am going to share a few winter accessories that I do have as well as some they I am lusting over online. Hats I like the idea of wearing hats in the winter but for me they’re not always practical, Mum buns and hats don’t mix well. If do decide to wear one I’ll choose either my Finnister […]

12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 6 – Light Displays

There’s something magical about festive light displays. When it’s a little cold, your wrapped up warm looking at the twinkling lights. Some cities have epic displays that attract people from all around to see. Where we live the lights are pretty but nothing that makes the masses flock to our little town. And for this reason I’m going to talk about light displays that I’d love to go see. Rockefeller Centre Tree Lights Like Kevin in Home Alone 2 I’ve always wanted to see the lights at The Rockafeller Centre, in New York City. It always seems so magical and Christmassy, with the giant Christmas tree and ice skating. What’s not to love about it. Liberty London’s Window I’ve never […]

12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 5 – Christmas Treats

Lets admit to each other that Christmas isn’t Christmas without a little overindulgence whether that be food or drink. There is so much food on the go with lots of yummy Christmas treats. Which is our prompt for day 5 of the 12 Days Of Blogmas. My Favourite Christmas Treat Mince Pies. Once I hated these little fruit filled wonder. I have seen the error in my ways and now love mince pies. Especially with some skooshy cream and a nice cup of tea. Panettone. A few years ago I was introduced to panettone after watching a video on YouTube. I’d seen them in shops before but never looked at them properly. After that first taste. I was hooked. It’s […]

12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 4 – Christmas Songs

Are you sick of all the Christmas songs yet? No me neither (smiling with my eye twitching). The prompt for Day 4 is Christmas carols, I however have to be different and I’m going to talk about my favourite Christmas songs. When it comes to Christmas songs I like a mixture of old time classics from Bing Crosby’s White Christmas to Bo Selecta’s Proper Crimbo. To list all of my favourites would take from here to eternity to write so I’m going to give myself more work and choose only my top 4 Christmas Songs My Top 4 Christmas Songs Michael Buble, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Michael is the new king of the Christmas song. It’s […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 3 – Festive Outfits

Party season is in full swing and today’s prompt for 12 Days Of Blogmas is Festive Outfits I’m not the party animal I used to be. I’ve not really had an excuse for a festive outfit the last few years. This year however I had a Christmassy night out last night with my mum and aunt to see a drag show at our local town hall. I had my outfit picked out on Thursday and was visualising how I would show you my outfit. That was until yesterday morning when I slipped on black ice feel flat on my butt which was incredibly sore. I still went on my night out but I was too sore to pose for outfit […]