Rogue One – A Star Wars Story 

(SPOILER ALERT!!) Finally after waiting months for the blu-ray release of Rogue One A Star Wars Story it was released on 10th April and arrived on my doorstep very promptly that day.  I settled down with popcorn in hand to watch it for the first time last night. If you’ve seen A New Hope you’ll know that the rebel alliance have the plans of the Death Star meaning they have a way to destroy it. Well Rogue One is all about how they get those plans Its probably best to start by saying that Rogue One isn’t like any Star Wars movie thats been before.  Unlike the original movies, prequels and The Force Awakens that center around the protagonists’ being […]

Bus Drivers!!!

Dearest First Bus drivers’ (yes plural)  I am a bus pass holder for visual impairment and have a toddler in a pushchair and I just want to take the time to say thank you.  Thank you for waiting until I was seated before pulling away. Making sure that my pushchair was securely braked and I didn’t bump into the pole meaning I wouldn’t end up with a bruise and sore arm thanks to my chronic condition fibromyalgia…………………..oh wait. That didn’t happen, did it?  No you both were complete wankers and pulled away before I was sitting down. I struggled to get my sons pushchair brake on before you drove away from the stop. And did bang my arm on the […]

Chronic Illness 101 – The Basics

Hello and welcome to Chronic Illness 101. A series about how to act, be supportive and ultimately how to understand what life is like for someone with a chronic illness. Lesson 1 – The Basics  The best place to start is really to defy chronic illness. Chronic illness is a condition or disease that a person has had for a long period of time. According to the tinterweb which is always right! An illness lasting more than 4 months is considered chronic. How Many Different Illnesses Are There? That is like asking how many different species of butterflies are there? Simple answer there a countless forms of chronic illness. A few are Crohn’s disease Celiacs Arthritis Depression Anxiety Lupus Chronic fatigue […]

Putting Myself Out There 

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a writer. Growing up reading popular magazines such as Smash Hits gave me the idea that I wanted to be a music journalist. I even went as far as applying to college in enrol into a journalism course but was advised by the course coordinator that I would be better suited do a course in communication studies. I guess that was their polite way in saying your writings rubbish.  I never lost the urge to write and attempted many times over the years, from looking into creative writing courses to turning my hand to short story writing. Neither of which amounted to much and I gave up my dream […]

My Chronic Illness Story 

Back in 2013 I received the official diagnosis that I have fibromyalgia as well as hypermobility syndrome. I think I might also have chronic costochondritis as well as chronic fatigue but those ones haven’t been diagnosed because GPs are useless. (More on that at a later date) I’d known for some time before the diagnosis that things weren’t quite right. I had began to experience some of the fibromyalgia symptoms back in 2009 starting off with what I thought was a really bad chest infection that just wouldn’t shift. After many many visits to GPs and 2 referrals to a rheumatologist, the first one resulted in me being told I didn’t have fibro! Finally after years of pain and not […]