12 Days Of Blogmas Day 1 – Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Hello and welcome to the first on the 12 Days Of Blogmas challenge created by Britt of Alternatively Speaking.  Don’t know about Blogmas check out my Hello December post or Britts introduction post. The first of the 12 Days Of Blogmas is a tour of your Christmas tree. Normally I’m a traditionalist when it comes to putting up our tree, like my mum did when I was younger I would wait until around 13th of December to build and decorate our tree  This year however because Alex is that little bit older and showing signs of understanding Christmas we decided that we would put the tree up on the 1st of the month. Our Tree Although I do love the idea […]

Would You Rather – Christmas Edition.

I was tagged by Alice of According To Alice to take part in the Would You Rather Christmas Edition. Eat brussel sprouts or cauliflower cheese? Hands down cauliflower cheese every-time. Brussels sprouts are the work of the devil! Have twinkling lights or still lights? The lights we have on our tree can be twinkling or still. Normally ours are set to still but I do like both. Eat gingerbread or Ferrero Rocher? Oh has to be Ferrero Rocher. They are so delicious as a little indulgent. Open your Christmas presents with only immediate family or with all of your family members? Open with immediate family. Alex, David and I will open our presents on Christmas morning then my parents come […]

Hello December – Holidays & Blogmas Are Coming

Is it really December already? It seems that the older I’m getting the quicker the months seem to pass.  It honestly feels like 2017 only started not that long ago.  But here we are, Christmas is around the corner.  The present buying is in full swing, with the stress of getting the perfect gift for loved ones is snapping at my heels.  The excitement of all the Christmas food, music, decor and spending time with family is growing daily.  This month I am going to relax a little with the goals I’m setting myself and simply enjoy the time of year, watch begin to understand that something is happening and that he will be getting presents, hear him say Santa […]

Isle Of Arran Cheese Haul & Review

I mentioned in Our Trip To Arran post that we visited the Isle Of Arran Cheese Shop where my mum and her friend spend a lot of money of different cheeses. My mum kindly bought me three, which I’ve finally been able to try. Shop and Online Store. The shop itself is small but full of many varieties of cheeses with observation windows where you can see the cheeses being made. There was plenty of testers and the staff didn’t seem to mind that we kept going back for more. The staff was friendly and helpful. Their website arranscheeseshop.co.uk is easy to navigate, where you can purchase hampers that are pre-made or you can create your own hamper.  Alternatively you […]

Petticoats & Lashes Photography – Toddler Photoshoot

There’s something really special about having professional photos taken of our children. It’s a great way for a keepsake and great for Christmas gifts for the grandparents. Over a week ago we took Alex along with his cousin Lucy to get some photos done with Charlene of Petticoat & Lashes Photography by Charlene Hoey. Charlene is my younger cousin but I choose her to do the photos because she is incredibly talented and so laid back and easy to work with. She didn’t show any frustration or annoyance towards Alex or Lucy who were a little apprehensive at first to get their photos taken, although when they both finally warmed up we got some cracking photographs. We went to Calendar […]

Our Trip To Arran

Last week David, Alex & myself went on our annual holiday with my parents and close family friend and our dogs. We always stay in Scotland visiting the islands from Skye to Mull. This year we went to Arran for the week. Where We Stayed We booked a cottage in the village of Pirnmill on the north west side of the island. The area was lovely, quiet and right next to the beach. The beach was a bit rocky but Alex and the dogs loved it. The amount of clam shells we found was amazing. Travelling took about 4 hours from Falkirk because we stopped for breakfast and took our time. We ended up getting the ferry from Claonaig to […]

When My Illness Affects Alex

Having lived with fibromyalgia for several years I am used to the disappointment that comes when I’ve made plans and have to cancel because I’m either too exhausted, too sore or have concentration issues. What I am not used to is the way it affects Alex’s life. His activities and chances to meet and play with other kids his age. Take today for example we go to gymnastics on Wednesday mornings Alex gets to spend time with his big cousin, play on the spring floor, the apparatus and the trampoline. But because I am in so much pain and can barely walk without resembling The Hunchback of Norte Dame. I’m unable to take him AND that makes me feel like […]

Happy 2nd Birthday Wee Dude

Dearest wee dude. It hardly feels like 2 years ago you came into this world and changed our lives. You become the centre of our universe and we cannot imagine life without you. There are times where you can be a little challenging and temperamental, where I feel like I’m a rubbish mother and your a demon child but I guess that’s what happens when you’re growing up! Happy birthday our wee dude. Mummy and daddy hope you have an amazing day playing with your new toys. We can’t wait for the adventures that are to come in the next year. Love you lots and lots like jelly tots Mummy and daddy

Hello November – Its Our Birthday Month

Hello November, Its that time of month again, no not THAT time!  its a brand new month which means brand new goals and plans.  A clean slate that lets anything seem possible. Plus it’s mine and Alex’s birthday month and I’m excited for what this month will bring. How I Did Last Month Octobers goals were a little more adventurous for me, normally I only set one or two goals but I’m trying to better myself buy pushing myself to do more which might be out of my comfort zone. In terms of last months goals, I didn’t complete them all but I did manage to at least make a start to clearing out mine and Alex’s clothes and sorting […]

#MeToo – Sharing Our Stories Of Sexual Assault/Harassment

It has taken me several attempts to write this piece.  I want to stand in solidarity with my sisters and brothers who have shared their stories of sexual harassment and assault.  In the aftermath of the scandal that is currently rocking Hollywood, we need to encourage all victims of sexual assault or harassment to come forward and tell their story and not vilify them. A person doesn’t ask to be raped, they don’t ask to be made to feel uncomfortable by the advances of someone else or have to listen to crude innuendoes.  We need to stop passing it off as boys being boys. On Friday I took to twitter to talk about some of my own experiences of sexual […]