Lists upon lists upon lists – Days 6 – 10

Hello and good morning.  if you read my previous post Sometimes We Need To Be Challenged, you’ll know that I’ve challenged myself to writing a new list  for the 31 days of july.  Today I bring to you my second post of the challege which from the title you can see is for the lists I wrote from 6th to 10th July.

Day 6

Pet Peeves

  • People who are rude and don’t acknowledge you for letting them through a door before or holding a door open for them.
  • People who stop smack bang in the middle of an aisle or busy shopping centre to have a chat. Move over to the side and get out the way!!!

Day 7

Reasons To Be Happy

  • My family.
  • The fact that I have a home (although I’d much prefer it to be elsewhere we still have a roof over our heads).
  • The sun in shining.
  • We live in a beautiful country.

Day 8

Random quirks of mine

Some of them might not be quirks in the traditional sense

  • I have a fear of jellyfish and squid. Even fake ones in video games. I used to play tomb raider that had a big squid and jellyfish in it and had to get David to get me passed those parts.
  • I can write and read back to front.
  • I can touch type.
  • I have an very active and sometimes dark imagination.
  • Books have to be organised in height order going from left to right – tall to small.
  • I remember the oddest things from years ago that other people can’t remember happening (but it did!!)
  • I’ve been clumsy since I was a child, I walk into things all the time.  
  • When signing songs I try to sign them like the singers and imitate them, I think I’m good at it but I have been informed that it is in fact badly.

Day 9

Favourite songs.

  • The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning – Smashing Pumpkins
  • Running Up the Hill – Placebo
  • The Sound Of Silence – Disturbed
  • Sail – Awolnation
  • Change (In the House Of Flies) – Deftones
  • Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
  • The Kill – 30 Seconds o Mars
  • Dream On – Aerosmith
  • Just Because – Janes Addiction
  • Remedy – 30 Seconds To Mars
  • Burn – The Cure

These are a few of my all time favourite songs, but I have so many favouite songs I’d be here for a week writing them down.

Day 10

Odd facts I know 

I am usually a fountain of useless informaion and facts but for the life of me I cannot remember many at the moment so I’m going to make some artistic freedom and change this up a little and talk about some odd facts about myself.

  • I once had a nose bleed after seeing a dead sheep.half way up a hill in Glencoe
  • I have a vivid memory of being bitten on the knee as a child by a dog but apparently it was my aunt who was bitten and not me.
  • One of my pupils is constantly dilated, due to a case of acute angle closure glaucoma I had in 2009.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week for the next set of lists.

N x

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