Autumn Is My Favourite Season Because….. – Blogtober 2018 – Day 8

Of the four seasons, autumn is by far my favourite. For a number of reasons which is what today’s Blogtober post is about. I’m going to tell you why autumn is my favourite from a chronic illness standpoint, as well as my love for the seasons aesthetics. Autumn leaves photo from Pixabay As A Spoonie I personally with my fibromyalgia, find it easier to cope with the colder weather than I do with the warmer weather. If I’m too cold I can add an extra layer of clothing, but when I’m too hot, I am slightly more limited to what I can do to cool down.  Both the warm and cold affects my body differently.  if its really cold my […]

Knitwear Wishlist – Blogtober 2018 – Day 6

One of the things that excites me for autumn is seeing the shops and online stores begin to sell more knitwear. From chunky cardigans to cosy looking jumpers. Today’s Blogtober post is me sharing my Wishlist of some of this seasons knitwear. I’m going to break it down by retailer detailing prices etc. I hope you can find some inspiration from my wishlist. ASOS There is two knitwear items in this year plus size range from ASOS that I’m loving. The first being this checked V neck sweater with tipping around the collar and hem of the jumper. I am a lover of all things check and this jumper is not exception. The yellow detailing gives just a hint of […]

Letters From Santa – Lapland Mailroom Review

It’s scary to think that Christmas is just around the corner!  This will be the first Christmas where Alex understands about Santa Claus and he seems excited for it, which fills my with joy and anticipation. I can’t wait to see his little face on Christmas morning, opening his presents! To mark the occasion and make this Christmas extra special.  I am going to be getting him his very own personalised letter from Santa which I have ordered from Lapland Mailroom Screenshot from website Disclaimer this is a sponsored post.  In return for writing this review I will be receiving a personalised letter for Alex from Santa. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Lapland Mailroom’s Website Lapland Mailroom’s website […]

Cosy Nights In – Blogtober 2018 – Day 5

We’ve never been the kind of couple who went on dates. Sure we would go to the movies and restaurants but we wouldn’t get dressed up and go out for a drink on the town. Staying in the house, being comfortable and cosy is what we preferred. Today’s post for Blogtober is going to be about my or our perfect cosy nights in. The perfect cosy night in would be child free. Not because of any saucy but our flat is so small that Alex’s room is off the living room which means we can’t watch tv with the surround sound on or laugh uncontrollably at a movie or comedy show. Stock photo from Pixabay Cosy nights are best for […]

My Autumn Bucket List – Blogtober 2018 – Day 4

New seasons bring the chance for new and exciting adventures. Day 4 of Blogtober is all about my autumn bucket list. I hope that writing them down and sharing them with the world I will he held accountable and actually tick some of them off before autumn ends and winter begins Visit a pumpkin patch Pumpkin patches are newish here in the UK. There is only a few near to where we live.  I hope that we can go to Cairnie Fruit Farm which is in Cupar.  I’ve read that the farm has a Maize Maze with fun activities including a straw bale fortress..  It sounds like fun for the whole family. Pumpkin Patch stock image from Pixabay Drink Pumpkin […]

Rainy Day Activities – Blogtober 2018 Day 3

Rainy autumn days and Scotland seem to go hand in hand. Trying to find activities that can keep a toddler occupied whilst mummy doesn’t loose her mind is something that I’ve had to really think about this year. Alex is of the age where he needs something to do. For day 3 of Blogtober I’ve compiled with a little help from Pinterest some rainy day activities we will be doing this autumn season. Have a Dance Party Put on some of tunes and dance like no one is watching.  Alex loves when mummy dances about.  I think he secretly finds my dancing hilarious but it keeps us both entertained and gives me a little exercise.  Play Games or Play With […]

Autumn Candles – Blogtober 2018 – Day 2

Autumn for me, means new candles and burning them so our home smells amazing and inviting.  With Alex being that little bit older, I am planning on burning candles more often, like I used to before hw was born.  Today in day 2 of the blogtober challenge I am sharing some of my favoutier candles that I would like to buy and what I already have.   Woodwick Theres something really magical about listening to a Woodwick candle burning.  The candle crackles like a log fire, filling the room with that homey feeling you can only get when there’s a fire roaring.   The scent that we have is called Evening Bonfire.  It smells like a chilly autumn night beside […]

Giveaway – Win Tickets to The Curve Fashion Festival

You may remember I posted about Debenhams catering for plus size and that they are one of this years sponsors for The Curve Fashion festival. I was kindly gifted 2 standard tickets to attend the festival but sadly we are unable to attend. Rather than letting the tickets go to waste I’m holding my very first giveaway on my site. TCFF  2018 To enter the you must be a UK resident, over 18 and be able to make your own way to Liverpool. Sorry accommodation or travel is not provided. I have chosen to use Rafflecopter as it is the easiest and fairest way to choose a winner.  Please enter below, the giveaway closes on 30th September at 12pm.  A […]

My Life with Chronic Pain and Invisible Illnesses – Guest Post

Today I am bringing you the first ever guest post to feature on The post is by Pamela a fellow spoonie and chronic illness fighter. I pass you over to her and she can tell you all about her life with chronic pain and invisible illness. My name is Pamela Jessen and I live with Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and several other Invisible Illnesses. It’s an awful thing to live with constant pain, as well as having to try to describe it to people who just don’t “get it”. Having invisible illnesses is even worse, because there is nothing obvious that jumps out and says you’re in pain – no physical deformity, no cast, no stitches. Pamela My […]

Debenhams Do Plus Size!!

As someone who is plus size I know all to well how hard it has been to find clothes that are stylish and don’t make me look frumpy. In the last few years it feels like the plus size fashion industry has come a long way.  No longer are plus size babes limited to two or maybe three places where we can buy clothes. The clothes that are on offer to us now are more stylish and on trend. We still aren’t fully covered when it comes to sizing and ease of access on the High Street, but we are heading in the right direction.   One store that I was surprised to learn had a plus size range, is […]