12 Days Of Blogmas Day 1 – Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Hello and welcome to the first on the 12 Days Of Blogmas challenge created by Britt of Alternatively Speaking.  Don’t know about Blogmas check out my Hello December post or Britts introduction post. The first of the 12 Days Of Blogmas is a tour of your Christmas tree.

Normally I’m a traditionalist when it comes to putting up our tree, like my mum did when I was younger I would wait until around 13th of December to build and decorate our tree  This year however because Alex is that little bit older and showing signs of understanding Christmas we decided that we would put the tree up on the 1st of the month.

Our Tree

Although I do love the idea of a real tree, space and budget means that this isn’t possible at the moment  Our tree is artificial slim 6ft tree that I believe we bought a few years ago from The Range. Normally we would sit the tree in front of the window so the lights can be seen outside when the blinds are open.  This year, we choose to put the tree across the other side of the room, meaning that if Alex manages to knock it over it won’t fall on to our tv.

The slim line of the tree means that it doesn’t take up too much space or require lots and lots of ornaments.  The lights we have I’m sure we bought from Asda a few years ago they are LED warm white lights that have several different settings from flashing, pulsing or static. Although the flashing is a nice touch it does get a little headache-y so we tend to keep the lights on static.

Tree’s Theme

For years we’ve had the same colour theme for our tree decorations, which is red and gold tinsel and baubles.  We are still using red and gold in our tinsel and star topper (I finally found one that doesn’t make my tree look at lopsided. Instead of using our old baubles I managed to convince Mr O that we needed new ones and since our decorations have become a little mismatched since alex was born (we buy him a new bauble every year. There will be a post on this later on in Blogmas) we are embracing the clashing and going for different but beautiful ornaments.

Here are some of my favourite ornaments that I’ve accumulated over the years and that we’ve recently bought.

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Other Decorations

As well as the tree we have a Noel light that sits in the window. I bought it last year from Next. It’s battery operated LED and looks so cute and festive from the outside.

Stockings and stocking holders. I’ve had the snowflake and snowman holder for a long time.  The colourful Santa holder was bought the year alex was born along with his personalised stocking.  David and I’s stockings are plain store bought ones, I am thinking about getting personalised ones for next year.

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Nothing shouts Christmas than the smell of a seasonal candle burning.  We got this one last year from next.  its a three wick candle that smells really festive like cinnamon and cloves.  The candle is surrounded by a decorative festive holder,  I’m not sure if the holder can be removed once its used, I hope it can be as it is really pretty.

Reindeer tea light holder. This little guy is from Avon and is adorable.

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8 thoughts on “12 Days Of Blogmas Day 1 – Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

  1. Your decorations are lovely! My tree is an artificial 6ft one too but it came with lights already on it. While I love the concept of a real tree, I prefer the sustainability of a fake! My parents’ artificial is still going strong after 25 years!

  2. Your Christmas tree is beautiful! I love all your ornaments! All our trees ornaments are scattered around my living room as my one year old has removed all the ones she could reach! I look forward to reading you other Blogmas post! x

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