12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 9 – Holiday Movies.

As a movie fan today’s prompt of Holiday Movies is right up my street. There’s nothing better at Christmas than putting on your favourite movie whilst wrapping presents or writing cards.

My Top Holiday Movies

  1. The Muppets Christmas Carol – this is my all time favourite holiday movie. I have seen it so much that I could probably say it word for word. I’m hoping as Alex gets older it will become one of his favourites too.
  2. Home Alone – who doesn’t love the original home alone film? It’s full of hijinks that has me giggling like an idiot every time I watch it.
  3. The Santa Clause – Tim Allen.
  4. Die Hard – Technicallg not an official holiday movie. But it takes part during the holiday season and that for me qualifies as a holiday movie. Bruce Willis is John McClane a New York cop in LA who barefooted-ly takes on a group of bad guys led by the amazing Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber. Then add in some Run DMC Christmas songs what’s not to love.
  5. The Grinch – Jim Carrey is brilliant as the Grinch. It’s a fun filled movie based on the Dr Seuss book. The cast is incredible and the sets are brilliant. It is a fun filled movie great for the whole family.
  6. Home Alone 2, Lost In New York – the sequel to Home Alone is just as fun as the original, in some places more so. It has had me laughing my way through the mountains of wrapping I’ve had to do many times and I’m hoping that it will continue to give me joy and laughter for as long as possible.
  7. Elf – the much loved holiday capper about Buddy who thinks he’s an elf, who goes to New York to met his real dad. The movie makes you smile from start to finish and has you.
  8. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation– A fun filled movie from start to finish.   
  9. Love Actually – Set during the holiday season.  The movie follows several stories of people in various stages of love, adding some holiday cheer along the way

Some that didn’t quite make the list.

  • Bad Santa – more of an anti Christmas movie than a Christmas movie but it is still funny and deserves a mention.
  • Scrooged – Bill Murray’s version of Charles Dickenson’s Scrooge is funny but not my all time favourite of the holiday movies.
  • Die Hard 2 – this isn’t as good as the original so it’s not in my top holiday movies but is worth a mention. Bruce Willis returns as John McClane taking down the bad guys but this time in Washington DC.
  • The Polar Express – I’ve only recently watched this for the first time so isn’t within my top movies.

What is your top holiday movies? Be sure to check out other posts from everyone taking part in 12 Days Of Blogmas by searching #12daysblogmas on social media.

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