12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 5 – Christmas Treats

Lets admit to each other that Christmas isn’t Christmas without a little overindulgence whether that be food or drink. There is so much food on the go with lots of yummy Christmas treats. Which is our prompt for day 5 of the 12 Days Of Blogmas.

My Favourite Christmas Treat

Mince Pies. Once I hated these little fruit filled wonder. I have seen the error in my ways and now love mince pies. Especially with some skooshy cream and a nice cup of tea.

Panettone. A few years ago I was introduced to panettone after watching a video on YouTube. I’d seen them in shops before but never looked at them properly. After that first taste. I was hooked. It’s great toasted with butter or on its own.

Pigs in Blankets. In my family there’s a running joke about my love for pigs in blankets. At Christmas dinners I’m always given extra since I love them so much. They are just a mouthful of yumminess. I would eat them all year round if I could.

Mint Chocolates. I don’t know about your family. But ours has mint chocolates sitting at the dining table all through our Christmas meal. Just sitting there, tempting us. By the end of the meal most of them are gone. My all time favourites are Matchmakers there little sticks that have a crunch to them. I’m also partial to After Eight mints as well with their gooey centres.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange. What else can I say. It’s an orange made of chocolate.

What is your favourite treats at Christmas time?

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